National Bread Week

Ireland’s National Bread Week takes place from 11th to 17th September 2017, and is a chance for everyone to ‘Love Your Loaf’ and celebrate all that is great about Irish bread.


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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Let Us Show You How to Love Your Loaf – Savoury Cheese & Kale Bread Pudding

National Bread Week is all about showing the world how much we adore bread! It plays such an important role as part of a healthy, balanced diet and, most importantly, it tastes great!

To celebrate we’re tucking into a delicious savoury dish, a Cheese and Kale Bread Pudding. A simple but tasty way to get nutrients […]

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More reasons to #LoveYourLoaf

For National Bread Week, we’re dispelling some of the myths associated with bread as well as highlighting some of the more unusual breads you may not be familiar with. 

If you’ve ever been told that bread is high in sugar, high in fat and makes you bloated – you’ll want to check out […]

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Let Us Show You How to Love Your Loaf! – Irish Prawn Toast

As part of National Bread Week this year (9th-15th October), we want to celebrate all that is great about bread – including its fantastic versatility!

We all love a slice of toast with a cup of tea, or a sandwich at lunchtime but how about tucking into something a little different, like our recipe for […]

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Share your bread memories!

Do you remember helping your granny make a loaf of bread during the holidays and that smell of freshly baked bread in the house? Or opening up your lunchbox at school to find that your mum had made your favourite sandwich? Or perhaps even going for a picnic and enjoying a fresh slice of […]

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