Bread. Life just wouldn’t be the same without it.

For centuries it’s been one of our best loved daily staples – whether it’s toasted; dunked; topped, sliced or sandwiched; it’s been a part of all our lives. So here are four reasons why we love bread and why we are proud to be #BreadLovers!

The aroma – Just the whiff of freshly baked bread can make a house seem a home – it’s often chosen as the smell that makes us feel happy!

The feel-good factor – Bread is a great start to the day. Scientists have found that eating carbs such as bread at the beginning of the day boosts levels of dopamine, the brain’s reward chemical bringing feelings of happiness, and fueling better decisions making skills[1]

There is so much to choose from! Our bread is amongst the best in the world–and there are so many different varieties: – from the iconic Soda and Soda Farls, to the Batch, the Wheaten and the brilliant Waterford Blaa.

All those nutrients – All bread is a source of a wide range of nutrients including protein, folic acid, fibre and vitamins and minerals including iron. White bread provides nine per cent of our daily fibre and wholemeal bread even more.

 [1] University of Lubeck, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences