Hey, I’m Jolene, creator and founder of multi award winning Irish family food blog One Yummy Mummy. As a #Breadlover, and coming from a long line of bread lovers, I’m really excited to be a brand ambassador for this year’s National Bread Week. National Bread Week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate everything we love about bread!  From the delicious taste to the comforting smell, rekindling all those fond childhood memories. My own love affair with bread goes back to as far I as can remember.   On a Saturday night growing up there would be a conveyor belt of baths of kids in our house. We would then all huddle on the sofa and watch the A team.  Hot toasted white batch bread was the dish of the day and the highlight of our week. I can still see my mother toasting the thick cut loaf with a huge 2 prong fork by the open fire. Each slice was slathered in butter and devoured as quickly as it was toasted. Nowadays we are so lucky to have access to a whole world of breads. Some of my family’s favourite ways to enjoy bread are…

  • Soda bread served with strawberry jam and vintage cheddar
  • A classic Sourdough club sandwich filled with lettuce tomato chicken and ham
  • A simple Bruschetta made with a French baguette topped with a drizzle of olive oil, crushed garlic, fresh basil and slice vine tomato popped under the grill to toast
  • Jam roly polys: wholemeal bread with the crusts cut off filled with jam and rolled up like a Swiss roll. 

But my very favourite to this day is still toasted white batch bread slathered in butter, because of those fond memories it brings back. The humble loaf is an institution in Irish society, you only have to go back to February this year to see how important it is to society. The “Beast from the East” was roaring. The country went into lock down and what did we turn to as a nation in crisis?   Our old reliable friend BREAD! The Garda Siochana even got in on the act tweeting that a Dublin bread van was getting escorted, making sure each and every loaf arrived safely to stores – now that’s dedication! In fact as a nation, we will get through anything as long as we have an emergency supply of fresh bread. So there’s no better time celebrate Irish bread than this week! Why not try out my two delicious recipes created exclusively for the week “Soda Bread Seaside Crumble” or my “Eggy Bread with Smoked Baked Rasher & Maple Syrup.”  Or even create your own bread recipe if you’re a #breadlover like me – we’d love to see them on the National Bread Week Facebook page. Come on and join in the celebrations, Ireland has such a delicious bread heritage that you should be proud to #loveyourloaf.

Jolene x 

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Jolene Cox is a popular multi award-winning family food blogger. Her first cookbook ‘One Yummy Mummy – Family Food Made Easy’ is due for publication in early September.