For National Bread Week new research* shows that the nation’s favourite sandwich filling by a landslide, is ham and cheese, especially when you include the toasted version! Nearly one in five people opted for the classic filling, followed by the BLT and then tuna and sweetcorn.

The survey of 1,000 people showed that 53 per cent of people think bread is essential for breakfast and 48 per cent think bread is essential at lunchtime; with 33 per cent enjoying bread every day.

The top five most popular sandwich fillings are:

  1. Ham and cheese (18%)

  2. BLT (12%)

  3. Tuna and sweetcorn (12%)

  4. Toasted special (ham, cheese and onion) (10%)

  5. Egg mayonnaise (6%)

However, when it comes to men and women, its males who are most likely to enjoy a ham and cheese sandwich – 23 per cent of men cite it’s their favourite compared to 13 per cent of women. While ham and cheese is still the top choice for women, the margin between this and other sandwich choices is much smaller for females, with cheese and tomato making their top five instead of egg mayonnaise, and salmon and cream cheese also proving twice as popular than with men (6% women versus 3% men).

As the nation celebrates National Bread Week, when asked what comes to mind when they think about bread, the top five terms bread lovers shared were:

  1. Tasty 63%

  2. Fresh 59%

  3. Convenient 46%

  4. Filling 42%

  5. Nostalgia and fond memories 36%


*A survey of 1,000 respondents from Ireland and Northern Ireland conducted on behalf of National Bread Week by One Poll between 29.06.2017 – 14.07.2017